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unsubtle 420name brah
2007-09-03 03:48:37 UTC
and the hits just keep on coming! this guy says he's blocked my email
address, and maybe he has, i don't know (i gave up on trying to talk
to him after three emails back-and-forth). what i'm getting at is
this: the posts you've been reading have been unsolicited and have
gone unanswered. this brilliant young "gangsta" is not (yet?) aware
that i'm reposting his emails on ADH. it just blows my mind that he's
still going. i could've died and been buried in this time, and he'd
be trying to win an internet argument against a dead guy.

anyway, i just thought some folks here would get as big a kick out of
this as i have. this kid, "justin turverey" or "justin wilkinson" (if
you choose to believe any part of his emails), has now written me FOUR
unanswered emails in a row. long, childish temper tantrums, which
ironically focus on how angry i must surely be (apparently, if you
wish hard enough for something, and repeat it enough, it comes true?)
about "being proven wrong" on a matter of opinion, of all things.

anyway, enough introduction. here he is, you know him, you love him!
he can be found on page 417 of the stereotype catalogue (under "angry
young man born of privilege"), where he enjoys hobbies such as
"demanding math lessons from lesser human beings", ladies and
gentlemen, i give you the *fabulously* irate, the huffy, the puffy, G-
FRESH!!! <confetti drops from the ceiling>

From: "Justin Turverey" <***@yahoo.com>
To: ***@witty.com
Subject: apology and my full name
Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2007 17:49:32 -0700 (PDT)

Return-Path: <***@yahoo.com>
Delivered-To: unsubtle_420name_brah:***@mail.com
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X-Ymail-Osg: uc9H8WgVM1mi8eZAHVt2gE_FRjHKJw6kJI_ousK5cM82tZKEP.
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Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
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Message-Id: <***@web39206.mail.mud.yahoo.com>

hey buddy! how ya doin? i just wanted to apologize
because i just realized it's not your fault you're
such an ignorant pric. or a complete idiot. (what kind
of loser would start such a pointless e-mail war?) and
then once we get started, you never even talk about
the topic! i'll tell ya, it was pretty frustrating
trying to explain to you why my post was fine, and you
just completely ignoring everything i say. i'm still
not sure if you were doing that to cover up that you
knew you were wrong or if you're just plain retarded.
but whatever. it was all worth it to be able to send
you mail and talk about fucking your mother and you
not having any way to respond. it's just a great
feeling really. im kinda happy the whole thing started

anyway, just thought i'd piss you off one last time,
cause i'm assuming you do atleast have enough brains
to block my e-mail address after this mail. i'm sorry
you didn't get the last laugh, it definitely feels
good. i wonder how mad you are? ya know ya might be
able to find out where i live based on my e-mail
address. it would be worth it just so that i could
piss on you while you die. haha! i can just feel your
anger, it's fantastic.
anyway, go fuckyourself and what not. tell you're
mother she can really suck a mean dick, i forgot to
tell her. unless she's dead. in that case you can just
piss on her grave for me.

also if you do care to find me to see me face to face,
my name is Justin Wilkinson. these day's that should
be enough info for you to find me. unfortunately i'm
sure your way to much of a pussy to face me in person,
even if it turned out you lived close by me.

alright i'm really goin overboard here, i probably
can't make you any more mad than you already are so i
guess i'm done. but goddamn you are such an immature,
obnoxious, idiotic, idealistic, wothless piece of
shit. this isn't even my opinion. it's a fact little

just thought you might like to know so you can work on
your problems.
see ya later!

J Fresh (Justin Wilkinson)
unsubtle 420name brah
2007-09-03 18:25:08 UTC
good lord, it gets EVEN BETTER:

http://members.soundclick.com/jfresh0584 (his member page)
http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=595858 (his

that's g-fresh's (wiggety wiggety stupid dope yo) music page. you can
hear 3 solo acoustic songs this guy has made, and i'm so glad to
report that they are absolutely fucking awful. (if this guy had been
a talented musician, *that* would've made me mad, but luckily, that's
*far* from being the case.)

are there any elliott smith fans here on ADH? i ask because that's
the artist that young justin seems to be *directly* ripping off.
seriously, it's that shamelessly whiny acoustic emo (that elliott
smith was able to pull off because it was *authentic* when he did
it). so, in addition to being completely hackneyed, whiny, trite, and
(above all else) lame, it's also been done (much better) before. that
adds an extra layer of irony: this kid who feels that junkies are
lesser people (nothing more than a drain on "our" resources) is doing
his best to steal a musical style from one.

but don't let me inform your opinion about this guy's "art", please go
listen for yourself and make up your own mind. be careful, though,
he's "sensitive" (you can tell by the eyeliner...and the "i fucked
your mother you needle hoar" jokes).

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